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Hey guys, decided to share my experience with you after being a bit passive blogger. My experience as Border Crosser started on the 18th of February when i got to Australia. I loved the place immediately even though i haven’t been anywhere besides the airport ( btw for future border crossers : don’t bring cooked meet with u through the border, its a bad idea, unless you don’t mind attention of others when the patrol dog is all over you:) .

So the weather was great in comparison to winter in Italy. I was picked up and brought to my home stay family. Unfortunately i was one of those unlucky when it comes to homestay. I literally spent 15 minutes with my family and moved out. It was that bad. So my perception and expectation of Australia changed in 15 min and i was ready to go back home. No kidding, i wouldn’t bail on Australia and i knew there was so much more to see and explore. So i just became a bagpacker for a few days:))). On Monday i had the first day of orientation and it was awesome. I basically was mesmerized by the Uni and how well everything is organized. Of course i had my accommodation problem sorted out by the uni accommodation office. So from that time on i decided to go with a flow, put all my stereotypes behind me and enjoy the stay and meeting new people.
The best thing that happened to me on the first day is that i met my absolute best friend and a border crosser from Netherlands Floortje. I guess it was a fate that we sat near each other on the first day in the room packed with 700 ppl. :))) During the orientation we had lots of fun watching other students participating in crazy games and participating ourselves:) And we’ve learned lots of valuable information during that time. The most important advice was to say all the time “yes” to every offer you get regarding uni parties, group activities, dinners and so on., despite the shyness, unwillingness and fear . And so i did, and you know what i am happy i participated in every single activity as it gave a huge boost of confidence and i met tons of new friends. Meeting new students from all around the world is so exciting and so much fun. You learn how to communicate, how to approach ppl and in general you just enjoy new everything. The orientation period was one of the best times of my life.  I haven’t done that much of collective activities in a week in my whole life. Free food, free drinks and of course great company. The most exciting activity that i’ve done during that time was the Amazing Race. It was something unforgettable and kind of a dream come true, coz im a huge fan of the Tv-series. I literally have learned the whole Brisbane in 3 hour period, while running as crazy with my team mates around the city, doing crazy tasks, exploring historical places and having so much fun.
Ok it’s getting too long. Hope it will help future Border crossers and i ll keep u updated about other exciting things that happed and are going to happed to me during this amazing stay in the OZ land:) c ya

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