Brampton Island

I spend a week camping and weeding on a deserted tropical island. In this week of bushwalking, weeding, and asking about everything I saw, I came to a new understanding of traveling, environmental damage, and impact of tourism. We snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef, saw turtles, and stopped koalas. I spend a night in fear of kangaroos jumping on my tent and I almost stepped on a goanna.
I got to learn about aboriginal history and loopholes in environmental protection in National Parks form a bottom-up perspective. I learned about the impact of non-native plants have on the local ecological system and saw why Australia has such tied restrictions on what one can bring into the country.
Weeding is a very simple task, but it allows the native plants to take reclaim the area. Weeds like corky passion fruit that covers the ground and basically all the native plant taking away nutrients. Seeds of are brought in by birds, wind, and more often people. The imported plant then starts spreading and stealing resources from the native plants that are an available part of the local ecological system. By pulling out the weeds, the native plants get a chance to get nutrients, especially sunshine, it gets the chance to grow high enough to take away the sunshine from the weeds and thereby reclaim the area over time. It was interesting to see, how the island had changed over the 4 years in which groups (Wild mob, check them out!) had been active in clearing weeds and how the weeds had taken over area where no work had been done.
Another thing that I really enjoyed was being without outside connection. No cellphone reception and no internet for a week cut out worries concerning the outside world and let me forget quickly about my upcoming papers and exams. I realized how much easier life is when one focuses on one thing at a time instead of being involved in a million things at one. Back from the Island, I am trying hard to break the bad habit of being everywhere and try to focus more on living in the moment and focusing on one thing at the time.

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  1. Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh says:

    Camping and weeding on a deserted tropical island sound so good! I wish you put up some photos of your inspiring trip. And yes, I agree; it’s so much better to live in the moment than being everywhere at the same time – less stress, more energy.

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