Not so fast, I can’t keep up!

Long time no hear. Time flies by so fast. In fact, time is running away from me!

My latest updates:

After 10 days of adventurous egg-hunting in New Zealand with random, zero-priced sleeping facilities (airport, Hilton Hotel – the latter due to Couchsurfing, just to eliminate any dodgy dealings for the outsiders), stunning scenery (Rotorua, Queenstown, Milford Sound), welcoming hosts in Auckland and Christchurch and great travel mates enroute when I travelled by myself without actually having planned (an additional vagabond life what, by the way, turned out to be a magnificient experience)…

New Zealand … I can finally change my status from an unsettled couchsurfer to an official member of a 7-person household: Home sweet home! During the past two months, this little family consisting of five Aussies and one American has made me feel like being at home – a very social houseshare, with dinners and study sessions together and always ready to laugh! I am extremely glad that I got the opportunity to live off-campus as I realise that I’ve been so much more involved in the local Aussie life, meeting inspiring characters who introduce me to the vibrant arts and culture scene of Melbourne.

Life in Melbourne still feels like a dream, but it’s not, especially when exams and assignments are waiting for you to get done.

With this in mind, I better devote a wee bit of this precious time to my studies.


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  1. Gianni says:

    Hany, I always admired how brave and independent you are while crossings borders – you perfectly fit in with this mobility project!!! I really enjoy reading your posts, hope there’ll be some more!

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