I think Marjolein’s last post’s heading brings it to the point quite well: Livin’ the good life! My last two weeks were an exciting mixture of classes, trips and nice get-togethers. With the mid-term break approaching, Uni’s pace is increasing quite a bit. Nonetheless, my social life does not really suffer from it 😉 My personal highlight was probably the four-day Easter trip to Melbourne with a couple of other international students. The impressions I got from Melbourne were great; a city full of life and diversity!                                                 A nice little anecdote at the side: I managed to meet up with Aaron, an old high school friend from Germany whom I hadn’t seen in ages. I really enjoyed the idea of meeting old friends at the other side of the globe! 🙂

Back in Adelaide, I told people that I liked Melbourne a lot… What I didn’t tell most of them, though, was that I liked it probably even better than Adelaide…( but pssst! I told you this in confidence).


Now, it’s all about finishing assignments before the break and preparing the next trip for the mid-term break; this time’s destination: Tasmania.

Catch ya later!


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