Livin’ the good life!

After two months in Adelaide I can only say life still feels like one big holiday. Sure, we started uni a month ago, I got my classes during the week and even the first presentations and assignments are done, but for me the fun stuff still dominates. I just got back from an amazing Easter weekend in Melbourne for instance; four days to explore this city, what I absolutely loved! I can only say that that city is definitely of another level than Adelaide, which is just a simple country town in comparison. But hey, that has its benefits as well, and our beaches are way better, and I definitely wouldn’t want to miss all the amazing people I’ve met here!
Our group of internationals (and some Aussies) is becoming a real solid group of friends, sharing stories and experiences. Most of us are only here for one semester, so we try to enjoy our stay here to the fullest. This basically means our weeks are packed with dinners, pub nights, and parties. Even though the summer is slowly coming to an end it’s still nice to go to the beach, something we try to do in every empty moment. To give you an idea: after writing this blog I’ll leave to the beach for a bbq, tonight someone’s having a preparty at my place, tomorrow we’re doing a winery tour with a whole bunch of internationals, and Sunday two international girls throw a little party at their place. (Maybe I should also tell you that I just handed in an assignment and went to a lecture today, so you know you shouldn’t be worried.)
Above all this our midsemesterbreak starts in a week, so we’re busy making plans. Whether it will be Sydney, driving from Alice Springs to Darwin, Perth or maybe something totally different I don’t know yet. But we are definitely all starting the break with the whole group doing Great Ocean Road!

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