Gold Coast Titans v Sea Eagles

On Saturday I had an undeniable pleasure to watch live my first rugby match ever (which according to my info is more popular than Australian Football in QLD). Of course, I haven’t got the foggiest idea about the rules (except the fact that you just have to get the ball to the other side of the pitch trying to not to kill yourself). Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

I got a ticket for free for helping one of the Griffith students with doing her research regarding spectators’ impressions from the game. With other volounteers, we had to collect email addresses from fans and encourage them to complete an online survey. I think that was a fair deal, since I really liked the atmosphere at the stadium (I could say I liked the game too, but as I’ve mentioned above, I’m still not really familiar with the rules). What is interesting though, I also don’t know anything about Australian Football and after Saturday’s match, the next thing I’m going to do is to buy a ticket for a match when I’m in Sydney 😉 Some things are just worth seeing despite your knowledge and deep interest in it, I guess.

This Saturday, one of my biggest dreams is going to come true: NEW ZEALAND TRIP. I-CAN’T-WAIT.

Hope you’ll all have a great Easter!

Cheers, Aga

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