Road trip

I have finally done my first road trip here in Australia. I rented a car and set out north two days ago with three friends, an American, a Canadian and a Norwegian guy. We loaded up the car with all the essentials you need for being away Friday to Sunday in the wilderness of Australia (goon, pasta, bread and peanut butter). We soon learned why the areas we were visiting are called wet tropics. It was the most rain I have experienced since I got to Australia. Now you might think that it would affect our attitude towards the trip in a bad way, well, yes, maybe… No actually we came to appreciate the rain the longer we were there because when the rain stops, the mosquitos get aggressive.


The rain made the trip even more exciting and exotic and it made us feel like we actually were in a rain forest (which I guess wet tropics sort of is). With some luck finding camping spaces that provided roof over our heads and barbeque facilities and a decent intake of goon every evening made the nights at least durable, even though it was uncomfortable as ****. So that was my first road trip, but definitely not the last one. The picture of the waterfall shows accurately the reason why I will go on more trips, the nature here is fantastic.

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  1. julitadudziak says:

    I wonder how my trip next week will look like… Where exactly did you go?

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