Life is not always a bed of roses…or koalas.

I have to say this past couple of weeks were one of the most stressful time in my life. Some may criticize me for this confession. After all- I’m in MELBOURNE. What is here to complain about…? Well, when you’re homeless and really struggling to find an short-term accommodation, looking for internship, not studying as much as you should because of all that, everything seems to be not as easy as anything.

But I’m thrilled to announce that I have finally found a place to call home in Australia 😀 I’m going to live with local students in wonderful, victorian house in a great suburb full of cafes, bars, restaurants- Brunswick (close to Sydney Road, which makes me even more happy cause I really like Sydney… though while living in Melb I probably shouldn’t say that). What is more it’s really full of life and have a great vibe. Can’t wait to move in.

Anyway at the moment, I’m sitting in Victorian State Library, listening to band from Melbourne, called Alpine and thinking that even though it wasn’t easy, I still can’t believe I’m here! Even sitting in library is great ;P And I have to say, it’s a pretty well-supplied one. Besides there is a lot of going on here. Children activities, classes, workshops, seminars, performances, literary events, films screenings. In the building there is sort of exhibition-part (I think that at the moment there is a one about food in Victoria… might be worth checking out) and what was I think the biggest shocker for me- game room. Yep, you can come to library and for example use PlayStation.

Worth mentioning is also lovely Mr Tulk cafe situated in library building. When I was “a bit” upset after one of my unsuccessful house inspections I popped down to get a takeaway coffee. I was asked about my name and when I said it the guy who was taking my order asked me where am I from. So I told him my story about being from Poland but born in Germany, while my parents were on their way to Australia (but they never got there), having Hungarian name and being currently homeless in Melbourne (though he didn’t ask about that but don’t blame me- it kind of slipped out). It turned out that his mum has Polish roots too and he also has Hungarian name and I almost ended up with a free coffee 😛 Nevertheless after rather depressing day it only took one person, one random conversation to make me feel better.

And the end of that day was pretty amazing too because I finally visited Royal Botanical Gardens and stayed there for a moonlight open air cinema to watch “Silver Linings Playbook”. Thinking about this first month in Melbourne I know that every cloud has a silver lining 😉



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