Studies: Aussie mode.

The classes at Griffith started 3 weeks ago, so I think it’s high time for a summary: How the studies in Australia look like?

1. Lectures: super-hyper interesting. At the beginning I was slightly uncertain of the courses which I had picked up, since most of them concern the topics I’ve already tackled at my home uni. But here, lecturers try to show that from a totally different perspective. Above all, at each course a clip from youtube is regarded as almost a must (just to ‘add come colour’). I particularly liked one lecture about freedom. I entered a lecture theatre and on a big screen saw that: and a couple of minutes later :
That’s how you describe freedom in Australia.

2. Lectureurs: Here I think, I can see the greatest difference in comparison with Poland. It’s not enough to say, that professors are laid-back, they are far beyond that. Of course, they keep telling you about deadlines, assignments and all that stuff, but at the same you can talk to them pretty much about everything, they will reply to your e-mail immediately and last but not least: you call them by name (which I still find a bit awkward 😉 ).

3. Students: on the one hand, I must admit, that Aussie students, especially first year ones have much less knowledge about history and general principles of international relations (since I should have probably mentioned that I’m studying IR) compared to their European collegues (it strucked me especially when I was asked whether Poland was a part of Commonwealth or whether Iceland was a capital city of Poland). On the other hand, their involvment in classes is worth appreciating: they ask plenty of questions, they always do set readings (at least, for now) and they actually attend classes.

Summing-up, I think I cannot clearly decide where I like studying more. I find really worth waking up for classes at 8 in here, knowing that I won’t be disappointed with the lecturers’ attitude but at the same time, I miss a bit demanding and sometimes exhausting discussions with my collegues at home uni. Hopefully though, I will manage to start some in here.

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