The past week has been really intense, I’m still struggling to remember all the new names and faces. I’ve probably beaten the world record of saying „Hi, my name is Alex, what is yours?”. I guess that’s how it works in a place where ~300 others students have to coexist with each other.

I’m staying in the university dorms, which means I was lucky enough to attend not only the general orientation week at the Flinders, but also the integration activities in the Uni Hall. Basically all the residents (or „hallies”) were assigned to a certain group. Each group was led by „a returning hallie leader” – so someone who is coming back to the dorms and knows it in and out. We were then given a list with challenges our group was supposed to complete in order to win the competition. Just to give you an example, the easy ones consisted of: taking a picture of the whole group in a certain place or having a campus tour. But those were not the real fun, I mean running around naked, getting a shark tattoo (university’s mascot), running without your top in a shopping centre and shouting „it’s t-shirt time!” (which actually got my team into trouble, who knew you would get chased by the police for that? :)) or faking an orgasm in a public place were waaay more crazy. The House Committee and all the team leaders did a great job in ensuring that all the freshers would feel like home and would bond with each other.  The dorms really seem like a place where all the puzzles fit together and the emphazis on creating a community is visible everywhere. It feels a bit like becoming a part of a college sorority of some sort, the ones all of us have seen in American movies.

Few reflections from the past week:

– If you know what „sculling heaps of goon during the night and then going to maccas for brekky” means, then you are most certainly an Australian! Slang is everywhere!*

– suprisingly kangaroos have softer fur than koalas! The latter one also seem to lead my dream life: sleeping and eating eucalyptus leaves all day.

– having a humongous TV in your tiny dorm room seems like a normal thing

– checking a bus timetable is useless, just chill at the bus stop for a certain amount of time (from  15 minutes up to an hour) and the bus will come, so no worries! 🙂

– if you want to seem Australian just add „no worries” at the end of anything you say. If you are feeling adventurous also  add „mate”.


*translation for non-Australian English speakers:  Drinking lots of cheap wine during the night and then going to McDonald’s for breakfast” 🙂

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  1. kingakozaczka says:

    There is no tv in my dorm… 😛 But I agree- slang is everywhere. That’s one of the first things that strike you once you get to Australia. We just need a time to get used to it!

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