Orientation Week!

The weather could have been better, but O-Week was still a nice mix of socializing, information and sign-up-here-stalls.

I was surprised by the variety to clubs and events on campus: social clubs, sport teams and political groups, plus religious and cultural associations. The large number of cultural clubs like Vietnamese, Latin, or Iranian associations, that organize events and activities focused on a specific culture, was impressive and reflects the diverse student body.

People come from all over the world to study here as international students, as exchange students, or to finish degrees started at a different University abroad. Degrees here seem to offer much more choices of when to do a course and what kind of course to include. Double degrees in all sorts of variations (like law and art or business and asian studies) are very common as well as studying part time while working. So the answer to “what do you study?” is usually quite complex.

The thing I like most about campus is that there seem to be always something going on. Live music, student union handing out cupcakes, game nights, hiking trips or parties at the Student bar continued even after the official orientation week. My highlights so far was the Amazing Race, a scavenger hunt through downtown Brisbane with students form all four campuses and bushwalking in the forest surrounding the campus.

Also, I caved last week and bought an umbrella to get to Uni dry. It has been pouring almost non-stop for two weeks now….great job Sunshine State!

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