Hejdå Malmö. G’day Melbourne.

”How’s it goin’?”

Prior to my arrival in Melbourne (on Valentine’s Day!), I have also been travelling in the Middle East and in Asia to getting used to the time difference and temperature change bit by bit.

In a nutshell: I traded minus temperatures and snow for +33 degrees and sun.

At the moment, I am surfing couches instead of waves (Malmö Uni, no worries, I am staying with five lovely Australians and one American until I found an official shelter. They are the bestest and it feels good to live with locals like them. We are having a great time while brewing our own beer and sharing our overseas experience.) Up to now, I can say that the people over here truly have the sun placed in their hearts – heaps of positive energy embracing me in Batmania. Coming from Sweden, I even got a bit scared of this welcoming warmth. Anyways, I LOVE it and I am looking forward to getting used to it, to becoming seasoned to the climate and to starting to adapt to my new surroundings for the upcoming months.


Melbourne has been ranked No.1 as the world’s „Most Liveable City” for 2013. Just sayin’.

But what exactly is it that makes this city so liveable? From those nine days that I’ve been living here so far, I would say it’s the happy-go-lucky atmosphere in this metropolis wrapped in cosmopolitan diversity; it’s the capital of fashion and coffee, the home of arts and culture and the sports hub of Australia.

One day exploring the city makes me feel like travelling the globe: visiting Chinatown for dumplings, dining on Lygon for a taste of little Italy, enjoying the urban street culture in inner northern Melbourne with bars and cafés or going swimming by the beach in St. Kilda.


The Bundoora Campus is HUGE and it even looks like a small town with everything you need: a bank, a post office, a food court, etc. Thanks to my bad sense of location, it’s even easier to get lost on campus, but every student got a campus map and the La Trobe uni helpers are having a good sense in seeing newcoming students facing an overwhelmed challenge in finding the right direction.

La Trobe University: Bundoora Campus Map


The ”quiet” orientation week has just started and I got registered and enrolled into my courses, obtained a student card and a concession card for Victorian public transport.

Most of the courses that are suggested by the BC website were not available or were cancelled for this semester, so I had to make a few changes.

  • Intro to Aboriginal Australia
  • Gender and Development
  • Global Migration Stories
  • Media Internship

The orientation week with all the socal activities will start on Monday including a lesson in Oz English (!), a wildlife walk, a driving simulator, etc.

Updates will follow next week.



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7 Responses to Hejdå Malmö. G’day Melbourne.

  1. Anna Singhateh says:

    Nice to know there’s no need for us to worry! Keep it up!
    /Anna, International Office Malmö University

  2. Samanta Pettinelli says:

    Hey Hany, hi! 🙂
    Im in LaTrobe too, italian partecipant of the border crossings project, we should meet up, we still didnt’! Anyway beautiful description of the campus and first days! 🙂

    • Hany says:

      Buongiorno! I’ve just sent a group mail to all the BC girls at La Trobe Uni. Let’s catch up soon and thanks for the comment!

  3. Samanta Pettinelli says:

    Hello! 🙂 Im in Melrboune too for border crossings project, we should meet up, we still didnt’ I think! Anyway great description of campus and first days here 🙂

  4. Thomas Murphy says:

    I am glad you’re loving Melbourne as much as I loved Malmö! We still owe each other a coffee!

  5. Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh says:

    I’m loving Melbourne as much as I love(d) Malmö – it very feels like home. Coffee soon, please, before I leave the country!

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