Getting started in Brisbane

After two amazing weeks of traveling in Thailand and Cambodia, I finally arrived in Brisbane and started to settle in. Found a place to live, had a look around the city, and got a first impression of the campus.
I did not want to live on Campus or look for a place before I got to Brisbane, so I spend the first 3 days calling people and looking at place all over the city. To my surprise, most of the rooms were available right away, the options were numerous, and most of the people renting out rooms were really friendly and easy going. Getting an Australian cell phone number, a bus card or bank account was very easy too, because everyone speaks English (which was refreshing after Thailand) and so helpful. I ended up with a room in a shared flat in walking distance from the University with 4 really nice Australian flat mates who also study at Griffith University.
The University is right up what I would call a mountain in the middle of trees which makes the walk to Uni pretty scenic. I still get lost on Campus, but luckily, there is always a sign or a person around who is happy to guide me to my building. The Campus itself is fairly big and busy even before the classes have started, and it has everything you need: library, a gym, different cafes, a unibar, post office, convenient stores and of cause lecture halls.

To sum it up, my first impression of Australia is very positive. I start to know my ways around, found a place to live, and the only thing I am still waiting for is decent weather. It has been raining almost non-stop for the past couple of day. The people are so friendly and helpful…even the immigration officer at the airport handed me my passport with a “welcome to Australia, Marie! Can I help you with anything else?”!

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