Goodbye :(

I’m about to start my travels around Spain, Morocco and France, before flying back to Australia.
I have been extremely busy with making the most of every moment left with my friends in Poland before leaving them, packing the life I have created in the last 6 months into a suitcase and a box- the bag will travel with me and the box is getting sent to Paris and I will collect it before I leave for Australia (I have no idea how I have collected so much stuff and how I am going to get everything home).

I am going to miss everything about Poland and my time here; having to mop my bathroom floor every time I have a shower because the bathroom floods. Or the truck sounds that our fridge makes during the middle of the night that are loud enough to wake the entire floor. It will be so strange to go back home and understand everyone’s conversation, and not have to reword/repeat myself all the time. I am going to miss bulk cabbage and meat from goodness knows what animal/s.

The interactions I have had with so many different cultures has been incredible. I have made amazing friends from many different countries and have continuously learnt about their lifestyles, traditions, cultures etc.
I feel that I have gained so much extra knowledge about the world while I have been abroad, much more than I even thought I would. I remember when I first arrived in Poland and I had to ask someone where Portugal was… Why didn’t I learn this at school?

I have to say goodbye to all of these beautiful people that have become my family and it’s going to be horrible. I would like to thank them all for the wonderful experiences that I have had in the past 5 months, the memories and friendships that I have created will last a life time. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity to share such an amazing experience with them.
Although travelling is incredible, I keep falling in love with all of these people and places and it is heart breaking having to say goodbye.

The Border Crossings program has been, without the help of this program I would never have been able to go on an exchange and I would never have travelled or had the experiences that I have had. Those involved at Flinders University and Jagiellonian University have been so organised and helpful, everything ran so smoothly and I never had any problems before or during my international exchange, I am extremely grateful. I would like to send out a massive thank you for all of those involved in the Border Crossings program, it was really an experience I will never forget.


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