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The Soviet Milk Supply System

There’s a professor here who is quickly becoming my favourite because of anecdotes like this. He’s Polish and maybe mid-50s, so grew up in Communist Poland. The ‘chicken rodeo’ story is how he explained the vagaries of the economic supply … Continue reading

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Weekend in Antwerp

So last Thursday I decided to go to Belgium. The next day I hopped on a bus and about ninety minutes later I was in Antwerp with 40-odd exchange students. (Going to another country with only one day’s preparation – … Continue reading

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Two Centimetres of Rotterdam.

This is very exciting – I went to Rotterdam. I did only walk straight from the station to the The Rotterdam Schouwburg Theatre and back, but I haven’t gotten out much so it was super exciting. Along the way I … Continue reading

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ESN Sea-Battle Cruise: Stockholm to Tallinn

Where has the time gone???? Today I received an email about moving out of my student accommodation, and it just hit me that my time is almost over here in Sweden.. But I am not done!! The thought of going … Continue reading

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A Quick Update, and a Report on the Internship

I haven’t blogged much yet about the internship we did as part of our exchange. We recently finished, and had to write a report detailing our experience, so I thought I’d post mine up here. I’m still loving it in … Continue reading

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Dark before 5pm !

Hi all, well the second block of the semester is underway and the days are still flying by so fast.  Maybe it is because here in Utrecht it is dark by 5pm, oh I am so not used to this.  … Continue reading

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Bad at Budapest

My stay in Krakow has been an amazing experience so far; I’m meeting fascinating people from bizarre lands, experiencing foreign cultures and trying to make the most of this opportunity. But you’ve probably read enough blogs about these things, so … Continue reading

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The Polish people, ethnically and linguistically, are Slavs. Research indicates that this name comes from a concept of shared understanding of language and culture. ‘Slovo’, meaning ‘word’, is used to describe the peoples who understand each other. Niemec is the … Continue reading

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Life Abroad…

Where has the time gone?! It has been weeks since I last wrote a blog but the time has gone soooo quickly and I have done so much. Not only that, I have been in Krakow over 2 months now, … Continue reading

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An Educational Comparison

It’s amazing to think that I’m already half way through my Swedish adventure. In some ways it has felt like forever, but in most ways the time has flown. Although in some ways I’m beginning to look forward to going … Continue reading

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