The last adventure ( The whale watching cruise)

The last week in Australia went by awfully quickly. It was unimaginable to me how quickly. One day before my departure I still couldn’t believe I would leave Australia on the next day. It was just something I didn’t think about, something that didn’t occur to me at all. I packed my bags in the middle of the week without much stress but even the suitcase in the middle of the room didn’t make me realize I would leave soon. I haven’t been able to sleep for the last two weeks or so, thinking about weird stuff at night, yet again coming back home was not one of those things. Soon, too soon the second to last day arrived but luckily for me I still had one more attraction to enjoy – the whale watching cruise. I felt really excited about it and looked forward to it. I woke up past 9 which felt incredibly early, ate breakfast and went to the bus stop where I was to meet my companion for the day, Fumiko. To me she’s the perfect company for any journey because she can get really excited about exploring nature and travelling in general just like me. About 2 hours later we arrived in Gold Coast and were surprised that we didn’t get lost on the way. Anyway, it was my last full day in Australia so I didn’t actually have time to get lost. We got on the boat and departed on the cruise. It felt great as usual. I love cruising the ocean, its vastness can make you totally free for at least a while. Soon after reaching the open water the captain shouted that there were humpbacks in front of the boat. They appeared really quickly. It was a pod of 2 or 3 whales and they were really majestic and beautiful. It wasn’t possible to see their entire bodies, just the upper parts and the tails. It was an amazing moment. The second I saw them my mouth dropped and I felt like tears were flowing into my eyes. I obviously didn’t cry or anything but felt like my eyes got wet. Since I was a kid I used to watch the BBC nature documentaries (one of the latest ones, ‘Planet Earth’, I still consider to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen) Animal Planet, National Geographic etc. I grew up watching animals on TV so it felt wonderful to see those mighty humpbacks in their natural environment. We saw some more whales later too but they were quite far away from the boat. I tried to take some pictures but it was really hard because humpbacks can dive underwater pretty quickly. I was able to take only 1 reasonably good shot but I’m proud of it J On the way back to the marina we saw some dolphins jumping out of the water just in front of the boat. Later I got lost in thoughts for a while. It was my last time to see the Pacific in Australia. Fumiko said that when speaking about future travels I always finish last sentence with the words: ‘Maybe, one day’. I guess it might be a way of preventing some disappointment, you know, not getting overly excited about things which in the end might not come true. Hopefully maybe one day I will see the Pacific again.

After coming back to my flat I ate dinner and I still couldn’t imagine coming back to Poland at all. After taking a shower I went to Claudia’s farewell party. She was leaving on the same day as me, just a bit later in the evening. During the party Fumiko gave me & Claudia  little souvenirs, a collages with pictures of us together and a little message from her. It said:

‘Dear Szymon

I remember our first conversation on the bus … I was really nervous about my English :( But you taught me how enjoyable the conversation with foreigners is !!! I can’t believe that I can’t eat your great dishes anymore :( I really appreciate the precious time with you !!! Don’t say goodbye ! You SHOULD come to Japan !!!

See you again <3

From Fumiko  :)

I read it to myself and in that moment, in that exact moment I realized I would leave tomorrow. I felt so incredibly sad. I thought it was so beautiful of her to write something so nice and personal and it really touched me deeply. It was one of the sweetest things  I ever got. After Fumi left I said ‘goodbye’ to the others and left quickly after they started to play ‘The sound of silence’ on TV. Obviously, that was not the best moment to hear that song. When I came back to my flat the feeling was still with me, my great adventure in Australia was coming to an end. I did the laundry, cleaned up the room a bit and almost finished packing. During the last few weeks I thought I would stay strong and not get emotional about leaving Australia but during that evening I couldn’t pretend anymore. My heart was broken.

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