All good things come to an end (Watarrka National Park – Kings Canyon)

Another terribly cold morning, another early wake up. Even though the hour was just stupid I felt like I had slept quite well. The swag was still far from being comfortable but it was much better than on the night before. The last place to see on the Red Centre tour was Kings Canyon, a prehistoric, pristine site which remembers the times of dinosaurs.  Just like in Kata Tjuta the wind was blowing and because of the tall walls and rocks the Sun was nowhere to be found. After about 2 hours it got warmer and sunnier though. It is said that people are warm-blooded creatures but sometimes I find it hard to believe, especially in the cold, early mornings.

The views in Kings Canyon were amazing and the escarpments really impressive and yet once again I could pretend I got lost in time and travelled a couple of millions of years back  to the antediluvian past. I might be a big(ish) boy now but the thought of visiting a place where dinosaurs walked the Earth centuries ago still makes  a great impression on me. Coming back to more recent times, I was told that the ending of ‘The adventures of Priscilla, queen of the desert’ was shot in the same area and we walked through the same gap between the rocks that the characters from the movie had walked through. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the film but I’m looking forward to that. I really wanna see it in a bigger group so that I could brag about having been there ;] A bit later we walked down to the Garden of Eden, an oasis between the rocks. Its vegetation was a bit destroyed and there was not much water flowing because of the dry season but it was still interesting to see such a (kinda) lush place in the desert. The tour guide gave us apples as a snack and I thought it was immorally cool to eat an apple in the Garden of Eden ;]. We kept on climbing the rocks and on the way saw a group of the cousins of the pigeon with a bunch of feathers reminding of a sting or a thin sword on their heads. We stopped at a lookout to see the Lost City, the area with big domes located next to each other and from afar looking like an ancient city built by an out-of-this-world civilization. After a couple of hours of hiking, we walked back to the bus. Ahead there was a long drive back to Alice  with a stopover on a camel farm. The camelback ride cost only 6$ so I was sure everyone would be interested in doing it but to my surprise nobody was. It made me frustrated because I didn’t want to be the only person riding a camel but I got over it and decided to screw ‘em all. Who knew when I would have the occasion to ride a camel again ? It was so much fun. I heard that sitting on a camel while it stands up from the ground is not a nice feeling but it wasn’t that bad. Generally the whole ride was rather uncomfortable, especially when the animal started to run and I couldn’t stay on its back, jumping up and down in the air. Well, I can’t even ride a horse, not to mention a camel so there was no way I could do anything about it and come up with some kind of technique. Still, I really liked it.

Couple of hours later we arrived in Alice Springs and the trip was over. I stayed in the same hostel as earlier and even with the same Swedish couple. We talked about travelling and shared some Australian memories. It was nice but we didn’t exchange our phone numbers so even though the girl said she really wanted to go to Poland, I don’t think we’ll be able to meet again anytime soon ;] At night in the room arrived 3 drunk Australians who kept screaming, cursing and doing strange things. When I woke up in the morning my breakfast was missing, my luggage was under somebody else’s bed and the bag of Doritos which I had in my closed backpack was open. Luckily, nothing else was missing. I hope those assholes enjoyed the midnight stealing session. I checked out of the hostel at 10 in the morning and got a pick-up to the airport and spent the next 8 hours on a plane. When I came back to Brisbane it was already dark. While sitting on the bus stop I experienced a weird flow of happiness. My big Australian trip was over and it felt like it ended so quickly but I felt sooo happy I did it. It was definitely the highlight of my whole journey to Australia and I saw so many breathtaking places. Possibly the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It made me more curious and now  I really want to travel more often to the far-away, exotic places. It won’t be easy to make but I’ll try my best. With every day (well, maybe not literally) spent in Australia I come up with more and more plans for the future which I guess might not be very sensible but I feel like I can somehow make them happen one day in the future. It’ll be really hard though so I still count on them shooting stars from Kakadu, the place which was the highlight of the highlight and the most memorable place I went to in Australia. After coming back to Brisbane I still don’t feel like coming back to Poland but I’m getting used to the thought. Before the trip it would really freak me out but it doesn’t anymore. At least not that much. I have a feeling that after seeing so many beautiful, amazing places my Australian journey came full circle. It would take a lifetime to see all of the beautiful places here but I saw what I wanted to see. To hell, I saw heaps more than I ever thought I would !

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