‘The most beautiful things in life are things that are raw’ (Kakadu)

On the last day in Kakadu we went to Barramundi Gorge. After climbing some rocks we reached the beautiful gorge with a lot of cascades and small waterfalls where we spent time jumping into a 16-meter deep pool from the rocks above and chilling in the water. I’ve never jumped from a rock wall before so I felt a little nervous at the beginning but luckily I didn’t much time to think about that as everyone was already in the water and so I jumped without any further hesitation. I can’t remember if I screamed like everybody else but I remember that the feeling of falling dow was a weird one. It was really cool though and such an unforgettable experience. When swimming time was over we went for a stroll through a tropical, green forest and reached another picturesque gorge, this time with a proper, bigger waterfall. We relaxed for a while, enjoying the scenery and then walked back to the 4WV, slowly getting on the way back to Darwin. We stopped in the middle of nowhere for the lunch, set up the table, prepared the food while watching a bird of prey hunting for parrots in the sky. Unfortunately for the bird, getting a meal was harder than one might’ve suspected especially after the parrots changed their strategy from ‘escape’ to ‘attack’ and ganged up on the intruder. We kept on guard as our lunch site was quite close to the water and there was no fence on the shore (I don’t need to mention about crocodiles once again, do I ?). While on the road we saw some wild horses in the bush graciously fleeing from us. Now, I’m not a horse person but there really is something beautifully free in wild horses. We also pulled off to see s huge Cathedral Termite mound which was more than 70 years old. We came back on the road and made some stopovers to buy souvenirs at a shop with Aboriginal art and also to see a huge saltwater crocodile in a cage by some bar. My 800 kilometer trip to Kakadu was coming to an end. After saying ‘Goodbye’ to the tour guide, we went to the colorful, lively Mindil Beach Market where twice a week tourists and locals gather to spend time with their friends, eat, and buy things no one actually needs. We grabbed some food, sat on the grass and listened to a South American band playing Zamfir’s ‘The Lonely Shepherd’ which to me is one of the most beautiful melodies ever composed. It was quite a nostalgic moment . It brought me back to my teenage years when I first heard it in Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill vol. 1’. It felt a little sad. Those were the last moment we would spend together in the Kakadu group. However, in life there is time for ‘Nice to meet you’s and ‘Goodbyes’ and one has to get used that.

I arrived on Mitchell Street, checked in to the hostel (thank God, no more ‘Frog’s Hollow’ !) and said ‘Goodbye’ to Margerita & Matteo. I went to the empty room and unpacked my stuff while listening to some more or less melancholic songs. I was a bit sad that the Kakadu tour was over but I was extremely happy at the same time. It was one hell of a trip. I saw one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful things in my life and it was an amazing, unforgettable adventure. On the way from Mindil Beach Rose said that ‘The most beautiful things in life are things that are raw’. I couldn’t agree more. Spending time in the raw, pristine nature of Kakadu, mostly untouched by civilization was like a journey to Paradise.


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