No murder on the Down Under Express (The Ghan)

On the next day’s morning I embarked on one of the world’s most magnificent train journeys – the journey on ‘The Ghan’. The train was named after the Afghan workers who built the railway from Adelaide to Darwin more than a century ago. I’ve never travelled by train on such a long distance (more than 26 hours, 1500 ks from Darwin to Alice Springs) and was a little worried about my arm pains ;) However when I got on the train, I was left with no more doubts. Even though I travelled in the cheapest section (-.-), the seats were really comfortable and there was more than heaps of room for legs and everything was really comfortable. There were toilets, showers and the food at the café was quite cheap. On each side of the train there were huge, panoramic windows which allowed to admire the scenery of the Australian outback. On the train I booked a boat cruise on Nitmiluk (or Katherine Gorge) during the stopover in Katherine. It was rather pricey – 99$ for less than 3 hours but I wanted to see the gorge anyway and didn’t have time to do that earlier. Besides, I might have never come to Australia again so I thought that was a good opportunity to visit one more place. The cruise was nice and the escarpments and walls looked impressive but I only saw 1,5 gorge out of 13 that build the whole Nitmiluk system. I don’t think it was worth the money but I would probably regret it  if I didn’t go so had to do it. After Kakadu it will be really hard for anything to make a great impression on me though. On the shuttle from Katherine to ‘The Ghan’ I sat next to an old lady who travelled on the most expensive section of the train (I saw her Platinum card). She had a really nasty cough attack on the way back. Apparently rich people have problems too which makes life a bit more bearable. After coming back on ‘The Ghan’ I continued listening to music, eating ‘Roadies’, ‘Eskimos’ and “Custard Cream Cookies’ interchangeably and enjoying the scenery of the outback. In the evening I got to the café but it was too late and they were not serving dinner anymore so I just went to sleep afterwards. Making myself feel comfortable was not hard at all especially after the guy next to me moved to another seat as there were plenty of free ones in the wagon. I woke up past seven, took a shower and went to the café for breakfast. I thought eating a meal at a long distance train would be really cool so I ordered the largest ‘Great Australian Breakfast’ to celebrate the whole event fully ;) It consisted of scrambled eggs, a sausage, bacon, toasts and a hash. The toasts I ate with ‘Vegemite’ and I have to admit that after months of loathing it, I accepted it and started to enjoy it if that is only possible. I still think it tastes outrageously disgusting though ;d The whole breakfast was a bit too much for me so I had to rest a bit after that, waiting to arrive in Alice, the city in the center of the outback.

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