Just Darwin. I can’t come up with anything more or less special (Darwin)

After a relatively long nap Katie, Rose, Carlo & I, the only ones from the Kakadu group still in Darwin, met to see what the City itself had to offer. We went to the city beach, relaxed by the pool and had a bit of fun in the pool with some artificial waves and later visited oil reserve tunnels from the WW2. Apart from these, there was not much else to see. Darwin is a really small city (less than 70 000 citizens) and one would have to try rather hard to find some exciting places especially after the amazing Kakadu tour which we kept reminiscing during the afternoon. We also went to the Chinese temple where an old Chinese guy confessed he had never met a single Polish person in the temple so I guess I can unofficially be called the first Pole who visited the Chinese temple in Darwin. Kinda cool, isn’t it ;) ? After we split I did some shopping for the next day’s journey on ‘The Ghan’ and did the laundry

On the streets of Darwin it is impossible not to see groups of impoverished Aborigines quarreling with each other, asking people for money and drinking. It’s a sad and depressing view especially after taking into account that Australia is in fact their land and they’ve been living here form more than 50 000 years, forming the world’s longest continuous culture. It’s hard to see Aborigines in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other big cities but in the Northern Territory there relatively many of them. Unfortunately a lot of them not in a good condition. I don’t feel like getting into the whole problem though as I’ m neither an expert nor a local.

In the evening we went to an Asian restaurant where we had a pretty decent meal. For the first time I didn’t have bigger problems with eating using chopsticks but the one I got were made of wood and different from my Korean steel ones. They felt quite rough and I found them really easy to use. Later after drinking some beer we went to a club. It was a ‘dirty pop’ night (whatever that means) and soon I found out why it was supposed to be dirty. Soon after we arrived the weirdest competition began: a couple of random people were paired together and their task was to simulate having sex on  stage, trying as many positions as possible in a short period of time. That was one of the most ridiculous, embarrassing, cringe-worthy things I’ve ever seen. Poland might be behind some Western countries but that was one thing that I’m really glad we don’t practice in clubs (at least not in public eye ). We danced for an hour or so and after that I decided to go back to my room as I was really tired. That was my last night in Darwin so I had to say ‘Goodbye’ to my newly met friends. In the hostel I packed my backpack and exhausted went to bed. Weirdly, there was no electricity in the place. When in bed, I heard some shots on the street. Katie texted me that there was a power outage on the whole street and there was no electricity in any of the clubs. My departure brought Darwin’s nightlife to an end ^^.


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