Dear Australian Friends,

Francesca is writing. I’ m a student from the University of  Roma Tre, who had the extraordinary possibility to won the scholarship for a semester abroad in Australia, as you guys had, like members of this blog.

It is not really easy to try to show the feelings, the sensations and the happiness I got living in Brisbane for more than 5 months.

My australian life has been completely amazing.

I had an awesome living stay in an house shared with students, close to the city center, and easily accessible with the Ferry ( one of the most rapresentative element in Brisbane..cute,  bus-boat with stops between skyscrapers and the romantic city beach :).

When I went to the University of Griffith for the first time, I was excited and scared togheter. I got immediately the perception to be intoduced in a new accademic world: a system of campus with insitutes of research, library, and computer station everywhere!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by the teaching method : classical lecture lessons are followed by tutorial class where you can actively interact with your teacher and your collegues and get a learning based on pratical communication and skills.

My interest in the Australian University has been focused in subjects such as Inernational relation. In this course I wrote an essay concerning the issue of human rights and their social implication in the global community as well  in the context of the international immigration.

The second one I was enrolled in, International Trade and Competition, gave me an important economic background and valid skills to undertand the global financial crisis and International institution since the Bretton Woods system.

I followed two innovative workshops as well: the first one,  just named ” Cross Cultural Comunication”, was sooo nice and funny. The aim of the course was basically compare your culture with those of the other students, through a system of playing, tuching and social activities. I had a lot of fun in lerning that is an offense to kiss someone on the cheek in China XD

The second one instead, was really usefull to get a nice knowledge of accademic writing and style.

My Aussie life rather than be only an accademic experience, has been a social involment opportunity as well.

I attended the Brizmun 2012 Conference of the UN, and I partecipated in some volunteer activities with the UN Woman Organziation in Australia.

What about the travelling time?eheheh.

Of course I didn’t miss it 🙂 . I travelled a lot around Australia. I went to the great barrier reef first, during the Spring Break, where I enjoyed my time doing snorkling and swimming with dolphins and giant turtles!!My trip kept on in Sydney: I went to see Othello in The famous opera over there, and I spent one night in the Blue mountains!Awesome wild expericence XD.. I did a road trip around the gold Coast and the Sunshine Cost, getting some islands like Moreton Bay, Strasbroke island and Byron Bay..And… I went to the Fiji in conclusion, where my eyes saw the best see ever and I enjoyed my holiday laying in the beaches and talking with  aborigenal people.

Well guys..This post is only a brief summary of what I lived in Down Under.

I ll write sometingh more and I ll keep you updated. Hopefully you will enjoy my stories.

And don’ t forget:



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