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I am a theater film musical play nerd who loves watching people pretend to be other people and tell stories about life and relationships. Therefor, it was quite obvious that I intended to go see a play while I was in Sydney last weekend. That’s why the Opera House is there, n’est pas? Preferably I would have liked to see a cheesy and grand musical like the ones I have enjoyed on Broadway, but the cultural climate in the Opera House is a bit more.. sophisticated.

In the end I decided to see a play called “Under Milk Wood”, written by Welsh writer Dylan Thomas. I got my ticket for half the price, only because I was young enough. There is a certain amount of tickets per show put aside for under 30s.

I arrived in hiking gear as I had just finished an adventurous, 17k walk from Spit to Manly with my Icelandic friend Olöf just minutes before. In an attempt to look more like the worldly adults in the room, I rushed to the bathroom, changed my shoes and smoothed my hair down. And then it began.

During an hour and forty-five minutes I sat next to a lady in a mink coat (such a cliché) and watched a catchy and smart play with excellent actors. It is about a group of people, most of them neighbors, living in a small fishing town somewhere in Australia. They were a bit clumsy and lost during daytime, but all had wild sexy dreams during nighttime.

It is difficult to explain in a simple blog post, but it was really cool. Also it is cool to be able to say that I have seen a play in the Sydney Opera House. And, as an added bonus, we got to see the naked butt of one of the better-looking male performers!

Conclusion: Play in the Opera House- highly recommended!

Before it started I was brave enough to take a quick picture.


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I am a 26 year old Swede who is normally studying for a Bachelor of English at Malmö University. Right now however, I am outside of Adelaide, spending a semester at the Flinders University. I like writing, baking, languages, friendships, literature, babies, nail polish, social science and cheese.
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