In one of my last lectures in the subject Global Migration Stories we had  an amazing guest lecture with Andrew Markus. The lecture itself was really, really good and it was nice to have a guest lecturer coming in which is something that Ive missed from Malmö (students going to Malmö you must check out all the open guest lectures!). Apart from giving a very interesting lecture Markus discussed the concept of transnationalism which is something I guess that all of us ‘border crossers’ can recognise themselves with. We are all living in an immensely international environment, not only in attending uni but in our lives in general. As Markus put it we are now able to live anywhere in the world but still keep strong ties with our country of origin, for good and bad. Dont get me wrong here I am the no 1 fan of the international lives we are able to live but I can recognize what was discussed in the lecture that it can at the same time be a very splitting experience. Personally I mentally begin to leave a place long before the actual date for my physical departure. The last two weeks I have increasingly begun to shift much more of my thoughts and attention towards my upcoming trip home. Making plans with friends back home, planning and organizing with the job I will do during the summer months, fiddling with the renting out of my own apartment and move into my boyfriends.. and so on. Doing all of this and feeling how I am slowly slipping away from Melbourne, La Trobe and Australia I cant help to feel that perhaps todays use of online communication and ability to live a very transnational life is in fact keeping us from not only living in the moment but also living in our physical place of being.

This said I will now leave my packing chaos for a couple of hours and take a last stroll through my favourite parts of Melbourne trying not to think of anything else than how incredible this beautiful city is and how great the last months have been.

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