Aussie multiculturalism

The internship is moving along great. Since my main task is to write a marketing strategy on how to increase the community’s outreach, I have had some appointments with the people from the City Council’s media/communication department. They explained to me how you can implement social media such as Facebook and Twitter into a company and use it to keep people up to date. So for the first time I’m the Admin of business-page, regularly posting and updating on the Centre’s activities, projects and seminars. Two weeks ago it was Reconciliation week in Australia, which is meant to create more understanding between Aborigines and non-indigenous people. As a part of this week, there were some talks on the issues surrounding the topic which I helped set up. In a couple of weeks, I will be hosting a talk myself on the differences between Dutch multiculturalism (which has been declared dead) and Australian multiculturalism. All in all the internship has been a great addition to my stay here.
The end is coming nearer, instead of numericals we are awarded letters here, so I got my first A. All of my major research papers have been submitted and I have one more final exam to go.

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