Australia and gender equality

There are many great things about this country. People are friendly, the sun is out a lot, they have Timtams and barbecued food is their national dish. But. The Australians have not gotten very far in the debate of masculinity vs. femininity. It tires me out sometimes to watch diaper commercials in which we are told that boys and girls are different. The boy is running around outside screaming, the girl is playing with her pink doll inside.

In every shop there is a clear division between girl sweets (My Little Pony, Barbie) and boy sweets (Spiderman, Bob the Builder). Everywhere I go it is thrown in my face that women should do this, look like that, say things in a certain way and behave appropriately.

There is no difference between the sexes Australia, and it is extremely unfair to the little girls especially to already indoctrinate them in what is acceptable female behavior and what is not. Maybe in five years or so, this knowledge will have made it’s way over the puddle and you too will learn that everybody deserves the same chances in life.

//Annoyed Swede who thought her country had problems in certain areas but realized we are very advanced compared to this place.

(I am sorry that I don’t have time to write a 5000 word essay about this, I certainly would like to and it might be more fair, but this little outburst will have to do for now.)

About Jessica Sjöstedt

I am a 26 year old Swede who is normally studying for a Bachelor of English at Malmö University. Right now however, I am outside of Adelaide, spending a semester at the Flinders University. I like writing, baking, languages, friendships, literature, babies, nail polish, social science and cheese.
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