winter in tropics

That day finally arrived – last week was our last week of lectures. Last classes in Oz passed quickly and rather boring, focusing on exam preparations. Now it’s just few tests to go, and studies down under are over.

In the meantime, it looks like the winter has come to Townsville. Winter in tropics still means temperatures around 26 degrees, although the weather has been acting up lately and it’s been raining quite a lot, definitely not how winter around here’s supposed to look like. Definitely, not what you expect from Queensland, the “Sunshine State”. Still, the approach of winter forced me to reach for socks and jeans. I almost forgot they existed.

In the meantime, it’s high time I started to look into the books and my notes. Next week looms ominously on the horizon with its three exams. The idea of taking them doesn’t make me happy, but I’m quite curious how my first ever video-conferenced exam will look like. Taking a couple of classes is such a manner was curious enough. In the beginning, talking to (through) a TV was far more than weird. After a semester, I got pretty much used to having half of my class in Cairns, over 300 km up North. In a week, I’ll take my Skype-exam. Peculiar.

In the meantime, with few friends we decided to treat ourselves and,  celebrating the end of the semester, went once again to Cairns. This time, we stayed just outside the town in Trinity Beach, and this trip was much more focused on rainforest than the previous one. Avoiding definitely too tourist-oriented Kuranda, I ventured on a hike. I am always amazed by two things here. Firstly, by how few sings there are on hiking tracks in Australia. Usually, there a sign at both ends, and one at each crossroad. However, accustomed to Polish quite dense marking, I found myself lost a few times. Fortunately, for  the most part rainforest is to thick to mistake the way. Secondly, time and again, I find the hiking tracks deserted. During my four-hour hike (on Sunday), I run into just three people. Perfect way of escaping civilization.

In the meantime, trying not to overwork myself with studied, I am preparing my trip to the Red Centre (coming soon: Olga in Olgas) which equals leaving Towsnville. Lots of packing!

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