Australian Open – Rod Laver Arena

Next stop on our little tourist guide is Rod Laver Arena, or where Australia Open is played.

I’m not a tennis fan myself, well truthfully I’m not a big sports fan at all I don’t even watch horse riding the few times its on TV and that’s a sport that I have actively competed in. My hubby on the other hand knows everything there is to know about tennis and visiting Rod Laver was thus a must.

We went on a small tour with a group of the most odd selection of people I’ve ever seen, it had it all – from the stereotype obnoxious Americans to the crazy German couple.. It was a really nice tour though and even though I had not a clue of any of the names mentioned (well I know Nadal but thats only since Ive lived a couple of years in Mallorca and that one of my friends has a crush on his left arm, yes just the arm) I can say that I really enjoyed it. Its definitely worth visiting even if just to see the arena and surroundings and if you plan to see a concert its a big chance that it will actually be at Rod Laver.

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