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Beautiful, beautiful Cairns

Since my new past time hobby seems to be to torture myself with pictures from my oh so wonderful trip to Cairns Id thought that you might as well share a fraction of them with you. Must start of with … Continue reading

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Beyond all the exams and assigntments!

My team, the Blue blizzard is in the final of Ultimate Frisbee, I have one last assigntment left to write before the exams week begins, I have the funny but the sad part of the journey left and we all are … Continue reading

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Fall in Melbourne

Time flies as so many people say when they study a semester abroad. So many things to see, so many things to do and so many interesting and less interesting things to study. Things have been so hectic since I … Continue reading

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Intercultural encounters and friendships

Looking back at the time I’ve have already spend here in Australia it is almost unbelievable how many people I have met. All these people also have different cultural backgrounds and this can lead to difficulties and sometimes misunderstandings but … Continue reading

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Exploring Australia: Melbourne versus Brisbane

The mid-semester break posed the opportunity to go and explore Australia. Melbourne was eventually the city highest on the wish-list, so for 8 days this was our new home. Compared to Brisbane it was first of all very COLD. You … Continue reading

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Life’s off balance.

According to me, life is about balance (among other things like love, good food and professional manicures). If you can’t find your balance, you are likely to fall. Right now my days feel longer than ever and the time until … Continue reading

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To Catch an Australian Sunset

I’ve finally CAUGHT an Australian sunset.                                                                                   “Finally”, because since my arrival here in the continent Down Under I’ve promised myself countless times to catch this magical moment, but have repeatedly missed it.                          Although I kept trying to forcibly fit an … Continue reading

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Research, research, research..

I have to begin with apologising for my long absence, sorry blog! It seems like Im not the only one experiencing an acceleration in the amounts of assignments and hand-ins lately. I should consider myself lucky however as I dont … Continue reading

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Friday I’m in love

I am a woman of habit. I like to be prepared, organized, on a schedule, to do things with a purpose. Perhaps this personality trait is mine because I am a big sister, perhaps I am used to organizing and … Continue reading

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A great experience

Hello everybody! Tonight I want to tell you my impressions so far about the exchange program that I am experiencing. To be honest, even though I don’t usually like assessing an experience when it doesn’t finish yet, I believe that … Continue reading

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