New in my life since we spoke the last time is that I am now a proud member of the Perfect Pilates gym here in Brunswick.

As most of my activities involves sitting on my behind it felt really good to take up some active physical work for a change as I have been told that strolling around the city with a take away coffee in one hand and a cookie/bun/chocolate bar in the other doesnt qualify as exercise (stupid rule I know!)

Being a complete newbie at pilates I did really know what I had coming when I went on my first class thinking that how hard can it be? Well it was hard. Apparently I am gifted with the flexibility of a washing machine. But it is nice when you start to get a hang of it, it really is and I am quite sure that it could be something that Id actually continue with when Im back home in Malmö.

So on the note of flexibility I can honestly say that even though I consider myself flexible in the metaphorical sense it clearly does not extend to cover the literal meaning of the word.


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