Internship news!

A new update on my internship! Last week I finally started at the place I will work at for the next 7 weeks, twice a week from 9 to 5. It also fits perfectly in the goals of the Border Crossings project: looking at migration in another region of the world. I have taken up a placement at the Darebin City Council Intercultural Centre, which aims to connect people from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and nationalities and learn more about each other’s cultures. The centre organises all kinds of activities, seminars, cooking classes, workshops etc. for the people of the Darebin suburb. My task will to evaluate how the centre has been trying to reach out to the community and how it could improve their communication strategy in order to attract as many people as possible. Also, I will help organise activities and carry out whatever needs to be done. The first days have been hectic but interesting. I will tell you more about this soon!

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  1. Johanna Haward says:

    sounds great! It seems like all four of us got really nice placements 🙂

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