Comin back HomE

Its funny how time is deceiveable some times, Ive been living in Adelaide for just(?) 3 months so far and I gotta admit when I was coming back from the airport to my precious Unit #49 this week I felt like coming back home. Although not the one in Krakow where my parents would greet me with a hug, my furry sweetheart Amelia would sit cosy on my lap while I would b eatin my Mama’s best pizza, sorrounded by heaps of family photos hanging from the wall in the living room – this place is one and only and nothing can ever replace memories attached to this place, my family home, a cosy flat on the 3rd floor. Although I didnt experience all that listed above, my awwesome friends (u know who u are!) welcomed me with beaming smiles&hugs, I sat in front of the TV in the living room eatin Veggie patties, drinkin coffee from my favourite mug and chattin with my friends, having had the possibility to unpack my stuff and lay back on my own bed…”your home is where your heart is” says the old saying. I believe my heart is big enough to love all the good people I meet and majestic places I go to on my journey. ‘Coz even my proper family home lacks my brother who lives elsewhere now, thus this notion doesnt cover only one place. Home is a place for you and your friends, for your family and cousins, for your memories and your images. Home is a place you feel associated with. Adelaide, good to see you again!!

btw i started to add vegemite to my toasts. AGAIN. After almost 3 months of dodging it, we shook handz and came to terms with each other, it promised to be more eatable. So far so good 😉

Today is the Mother’s Day in Poland/Europe hence I send best wishes to every Mom out there, my Mom first and foremost tho, I LOVE YOU MA!

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