Buddha Birthday Festival and Poffertjes

After being here for more than three months now, yes time flies, I know for sure that Southbank along the city river is the best place to relax during the weekend or free afternoons. Two weeks ago Southbank was all dressed up for the annual Buddha Birthday Festival. Lots of Asian food, wishing ponds, and red lanterns turned Southbank into a whole new place. Even the Wheel of Brisbane was lighted in red. Everywhere candles could be lit to make a wish and three giant Buddha’s where placed in the piazza where people could offer food. The atmosphere was great as well. Many Asian families were picnicking in the parklands and a band played live music. Very nice to spend an afternoon! The week after we decided to go for brunch and we discovered a nice café which actually served Dutch “poffertjes”. How great is that! Because poffertjes are not really fit for breakfast or lunch we decided to come back for those some other time and have some croissants instead. But it shows once again how small the world really is. And.. how the Dutch influence can be found in many places!


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