ANZAC day, Labour Day, Mum’s day but most of all Queens day!

Public holidays. Lately there seem to be a lot! We already had ANZAC day and not too long ago also Labour day was celebrated. Even though it’s not celebrated on the same days the resemblance with the public holidays in The Netherlands is quite big. On the fourth of May the people in The Netherlands commemorate all the people and soldiers that have died in the second world war, sort of similar to ANZAC day. On the fifth of May we celebrate the liberation of the country. Labour day is not a national public holiday but on the first of May it is “dag van de arbeid”, similar to Labour day. Mum’s day is worldwide and very similar to the Aussie version! Mum’s are obviously of equal importance all over the world. But there is one public holiday which is very famous in The Netherlands and I really missed because of my stay here: Queens day! This is a big event back home. Everyone dresses up in Orange, there is a “vrijmarkt” which basically means everyone can sell their old junk on the streets and make a bit of money. Children play old traditional Dutch games in the streets and for the rest it is a great reason to party! In many cities there is live music and parties are organized all around the country. In Brisbane the Down Under Bar organized a Dutch Queens day party for all those Dutchies out there, but it wasn’t the same as back home.. Can’t complain however. Oz had a lot of other great things to offer, and missing Queens Day is totally worth it!


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