Beautiful, beautiful Cairns

Since my new past time hobby seems to be to torture myself with pictures from my oh so wonderful trip to Cairns Id thought that you might as well share a fraction of them with you.

Must start of with saying that I am green with envy for you lucky people at James Cook who get to live at this amazing part of Australia! I actually got to see a bit of the Cairns campus also as the airport shuttle bus passed by on our way to the Northern beaches where I stayed.

Deciding to go full on tourist we did 2 full day tours starting with visiting Kuranda the first day, taking the scenic railway up and then the skyrail down and it was just beautiful! The tropical rainforest was not like anything else Ive seen and so very different from Victoria and Melbourne, the part of Australia I have got to know.

The photo is from the great fall (terrible with names..) that we got to see both on our way up with the train and later fly over with the skyrail.

The day after we didnt have anything booked so we went into Cairns with the bus to have a look around. I dont know if Melbourne have turned my into a total ‘urbanista’ but my first impression was how small it was! The city was very cute though and we had a really nice lunch at one of the cafes. Second chock was the sudden invasion of bats, the sky was literally full of them! It must be normal though as we seemed to be the only ones noticing them.. but as you can see from the picture below Im not exaggerating.

The second tour we did was out to the reef to one of the stations they have out in the middle of the ocean. I didnt really know what to expect and kind of thought that the pictures youve seen from posters and tour guides must be exaggerated to pull people but boy how wrong I was! It was like being in an aquarium. I have never dived before so I was really looking forward to doing that and it was just amazing! It was 30 minutes of pure bliss and we even got to see a see turtle that swimmed just past us and not to forget pet Wally their house fish 🙂

The last day we went out to Palm Cove and just strolled around on the beach, if you image one of those adds for a Bali vacation well thats how it looks like. As we were flying back home later that evening we only stayed a couple of hours before the shuttle bus came to pick us up again to take us to the airport (strangely enough theres no public transport to the airport?).

Im so glad that we finally decided upon Cairns from all of the alternatives discussed as it can be one of the best trips and experiences I ever had. So if youre thinking of going somewhere and dont know where you know what my suggestion would be 🙂

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  1. Becky86 says:

    Our second day in Cairns was again devoted to the rainforest. We were traveling to the small town of Kuranda which is nestled in the midst of the rainforest up a mountain. It’s very scenic.Cairns Skyrail

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