Fall in Melbourne

Time flies as so many people say when they study a semester abroad. So many things to see, so many things to do and so many interesting and less interesting things to study. Things have been so hectic since I had to go back home shortly, for my sister’s wedding. Of course, this is an event not to be missed and after another tiresome flight it was so weird going from an  Australian autumn to a Dutch spring. Luckily, the wedding was blessed with lots of sun, not so much rain and reasonable temperatures. More importantly, the bride and groom were extremely happy and really content with the day. On the way back to Melbourne, I was able to stop over in China for a day, ready to be hit by yet another temperature shock: super humid and 32 degrees, Guangzhou!
This was a whole new experience in itself. Since we hear so much about China but get to see so little of it, ‘China’ has always remained such a vague concept to me. I was glad to finally get a very small taste of what China is like. The people, the culture, the food.. they were all new to me and walking around through the suburbs near my hotel felt either like being a celebrity or a complete freak of nature! People stopping over as they walk you by, staring you right in the face, taking pictures, laughing (or giggling) and saying things I could unfortunately not understand. All in all it has made my want to see more of China and its people. (I don’t know how they survive the traffic, it is crazy!)
Back in Melbourne the La Trobe ground is filled with more leaves and the heaters on campus have been turned on, to many people’s liking. Exams are coming close, and essay deadlines are approaching fast. I am still really interested by my subject on Australian society, its origins, and for example, how we discuss the role of Australian male and female stereotypes or what meaning ANZAC Day has for Australian national identity. I also got my first grades back for essays and papers I handed in, very pleased! Time to get back to studying.. until the next time!

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