Research, research, research..

I have to begin with apologising for my long absence, sorry blog!

It seems like Im not the only one experiencing an acceleration in the amounts of assignments and hand-ins lately. I should consider myself lucky however as I dont have all my research essays due the same week as Ive heard from others here at La Trobe but instead they are all nicely spread out with exactly a week in between each one.

What is completely new to me since I started my studies here at La Trobe is the number of assignments that comes with each subject. Instead of having perhaps 2 or 3 major assignments or sitting exams some of my subjects has a variety of quizzes, oral presentations and smaller essay or reflective papers in addition to a larger research paper and sitting exam. It takes a while getting used to but I can see that this system has its advantages too as it makes the assessment more varied and let you work with each subject  on a longer period of time.

I have by now also started my internship at the Refugee Council of Australia where I will spend 2 days a week the coming weeks and I couldnt he happier with my placement! The office here in Melbourne consists only of Louise and Rebecca (and yeah me for a period of time) but I must say that they are really doing a great job. I didnt really know that much of the refugee and immigrant situation before coming to Australia but I have really been given a good insight thanks to my placement.

Now I really need to get back to the research essay of the week. Next time Ill see if it works to post some pictures as I have some great photos from my trip to Carins!

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