one thing I regret

If there’s one thing I regret coming to Australia, it’s missing out on things. I miss not being able to touch my cousin’s growing belly and see her first-born for almost half a year. I regret not being able to dance at her sister’s wedding. Going to birthdays and graduations, and our halfway ball. Noticing the smallest changes in the world I knew so well. No amount of Skype calls, e-mails, and photos sent over in attachments can ever make up for it. For the lost time. Because time has this annoying feature of not stopping when we’re gone. Life changes when we’re not looking. And it seems to change excessively. Fences are mended, teeth fall out and grow, hearts get broken. We miss funerals and weddings, and births. Sunsets, storms, and the first breath of spring.

We do get so much in return, but it never equals.

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  1. John says:

    My name is John and I’m nominated to take part in the next border crossings exchange at James Cook University.
    If you are interested and have time I would appreciate to have some information and tip about the life in Townsville. Everything from living and food to travelling and sightseeing would be interesting to hear about! 🙂
    My mail:
    Best regards, John

  2. Mateusz Kolakowski says:

    Yeah, we’re missing out spring this year! A year with two autumns instead… it’s not too bad after all 😉

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