Imprisoned (Melbourne 3)

Monday woke  me up rather abruptly couple of minutes after 6AM with a fire alarm. We all got up quickly, surprised by what was going on. That was my first real fire alarm and in that situation I had to face a difficult dilemma – was saving one’s life more important than packing all the clothes and things that one has and taking them along? It was too early to make a definite decision, so I just took my handbag, with all the documents and the money. That seemed like a safe choice. However, I gotta admit that I did regret not taking all of my stuff that I had left in the room. What would my life look like if I only had a pair of pyjamas ? – I thought. What would happen to me in the future with nothing to wear ?

Meanwhile, the fire brigade arrived, and after more or less 15 minutes it was announced that there had been no fire. I went back to the room shaking, after experiencing the lowest temperature after coming to Australia. After waking up again few hours later, all of us went to Melbourne Gaol – the city’s oldest prison. Quite a creepy and claustrophobic place. Especially considering how many degenerates, serial killers and criminals spent had spent their final days in the cells of the prison. Visiting it was fascinating and frightening at the same time. The Gaol is a great tourist attraction, where the visitors are provided with a lot of information, numerous inside stories and images, as well as some death masks of the infamous prisoners.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really think that Melbourne is an incredibly city, unfortunately on the 3rd day the weather got even worse than before, so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the beauty of it, most of the time freezing in my denim jacket. Luckily, we caught the tourist shuttle bus, which showed us most of the city center and nearby districts. After we had finished the ride, we went to St. Patrick’s church, which was huuuuge and looked very impressive. In the evening, we chose to have a supper at a Malaysian restaurant, where I really enjoyed my fried noodles with vegetables, chicken, beef and prawns. I still can’t use the chopsticks properly but I promise I’m gonna learn how to do that.

That was my last evening in Melbourne. I thought the city was really amazing but I got a little tired by the unpredictable weather.  I would love to see it again, but let’s be real, I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon.

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