back in the the tropics

After 12 days our trip is finished. It was amazing. Townsville as people know is far from everything and it is not easy to reach the places, beacause you need time. In 12 days I think we did as much as possible (may be too much ahha).  We started last friday. We drove our car to Airlie Beach (almost three hours) and the day after we had a wonderful sailing trip for 2 days in the Withsundays Islands. These island are very special. I have never see such a place and the crew of the ship was very nice.  We enjoyed snorkeling on the barrier reef, watching almost 100 kinds of different fish. I can’t describe the wonderful Whiteheaven beach, one of the most beautiful beach in the world.When we came back to Airlie monday afternoon we took a small rest before starting our crazy monday night! The day after was very long. We drove for 700 km along the Bruce Highway to reach Agnes Water. Even if I was very tired, driving the car in Queensland is something special. Nothing is between you and the nature. We stopped our car in a small place just to see the sunset. And was one of the best sunset in Australia, in the middle of nothing. When we arrived in Fraiser Island two days after (we spent one day in Agnes Water, a small town where we saw some kangaroos and we enjoyed the beach) I thought I was in a dream. Fraser Island is a sand made island with the subtropical rainforest grown everywhere. And is full of Dingoes, a wild kind of dog that I had never eared before! Even if I tried to see one of these animals i was unlucky, but hopefully one of my friend had the chance to took a picture of a Dingo ! The rest of our day was just relax at the lake Mckenzie (don’t miss it if you go to Fraiser!).At this point the natural part of our trip was over. The next step was Noosa and hereafter Byron Bay just to relax on the beach (and for the first time we have been able to swim without a stingersuite). We had a lot of fun, (and a lot of pain with my surfboard), swimming on the ocean and surfing the waves. Just for saturday nigh we decided to go to Surfers Paradise, a small city on the Gold Cost that is really good if you want to have fun. The final destination of our East cost tour was Brisbane. I really liked it a lot, and I would like to come back. So after 1700 km we took our flight back home.

I would like to say thanks to our crazy group. It was just awesome !

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