Melbourne Museum

First of all I hope that everyone have had a great Easter.

I dont know about you guys around in other parts of Australia but here in Melbourne its certainly feels like the summer has come to an end. The temperature doesn’t gradually drop bit by bit here but I would rather say that it does a steep head dive!

So what do you do when its suddenly freezing (thats about 15 degrees..) and the rain is pouring down? Well I guess that you could catch up on all the readings and researching you have or otherwise you start explore what inside activities the city has to offer. Yesterday I went for option no 2 which meant a trip to Melbourne Museum.

Id recommend anyone who has an hour or two over to go as the different exhibitions where really nice (and free if you flash your student card), I especially liked the one they have on old Melbourne.

Id like to upload some of the photos I took but I cant get it to work, anyone else having problems? Well I guess that you will have to see those another time.

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  1. Alessandro Sereni says:

    Hello Johanna !! 🙂

    Also here in Adelaide temperatures are dropping especially at night, but we’re still enjoying some sunny days ! I hope the Wintersmith won’t come knocking on ADL door any time soon!

    I’m having problems uploading pictures too. I get the ” Sorry, you have filled your storage quota (200 MB).” notification. However, I’ve only uploaded 4 pictures so far.
    Hope they get it fixed soon !

    Take care ! 🙂

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