Immigration Nation

A quick tip to all fellow border crossers currently here in Australia (and everyone else also)!

In the subject Global Migration Stories which is the core subject for the Border Crossings program here at La Trobe we got the chance to see and later discuss the SBS series Immigration Nation as part of the tutorial assessments. For me the serie was a real eye opener, having a quite limited knowledge of Australian history, and I would recomend anyone who have the possibility to see it.

I dont want to go into detail of the serie as I think it is import to build ones own picture after seing the serie but in broad outline it covers the Australian immigration history and moreover importantly its policies constructed in regard to migration.

The full title is Immigration Nation: the Secret History of Us and you will find it on the SBS website ( which also have an interactive site in connection to the series.

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  1. Alessandro Sereni says:

    Thank you very much Johanna ! 🙂

    We were briefly discussing the same issue in my Australian Indigenous Politics tute this week . I will definitely try to find some time to watch this series .

    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne !

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