Hi there!

Hi everyone I hope that all of you are settling in fine in your new homes!

I wrote in my first entry that an introduction was coming and I think now is the time for one.

Well as you know by now my name is Johanna. Im from Malmö University where I study a truly great program called International Programme of European Studies (IPES) which Im very pleased with! Through IPES we have the possibility to go on two exchange semesters as part of the study programme and while I went to Utrecht last semester my friends in the class have been as diverse places as Iceland, Romania and Turkey just to mention a few.

To continue Im Swedish, from Malmö more or less even though Ive lived parts of my life in a town just on the edge of where the southern-most part of Sweden meets the sea.

Before I started uni in Malmö I lived in Spain for about 3 years, in Palma de Mallorca to be more exact and I think it was there my interest and love for travelling and experiencing new cultures started. I guess that I will be able to explore that interest to the fullest also here in Melbourne. Just being here four days so far Ive already become aware of how different it is from everything Ive ever experienced before.

Tomorrow the orientation week starts and I hope that all my questions from last weeks enrollment are to be answered and part from that I really look forward meeting all new students with whom Im going to spend the next 5 months!

Take care.

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