Me myself and I

My cat giving "the evil eye" to the marsipan santa on top of the gingerbread house.

Dog in sunglasses and staring contest with marsipan santa


To be honest, I don’t have a lot to tell you all right now. That is why I figure, I’ll write a bit about myself. Egocentric perhaps, maybe not even intersting for anyone but me, but here goes.

I have been free from school since a month back. The last thing we did was to write a small thesis. It is called a B-uppsats in sweden. I wrote about Aileen Wuornos and the representation of a deviant femininity in media. I loved the subject and the research I used to base my analysis on. Before I wrote this paper I was scared about writing our last thesis next year but now I’m looking forward to it.

The last month have been filled with things I do to pass time. It has actually been great. Like a small holiday, well deserved after the stressful paper. I’ve started a new hobby that right now is bordering on an obsession. I’ve started knitting. I’ve knitted two pairs of gloves, one thick scarf, one handbag, one purse and the last thing is a protection for my new smaller and handier laptop. I’m thinking about felting the protection for the laptop. (I believe ‘felting’ is ‘tova’ in Swedish, this makes the knitted bag thicker and will protect the laptop better from being scratched.) I wanted to publish a photo of my work but haven’t yet figured out how to do that. But I will, sooner or later!

I’ve spent everyday in almost the same way. Waking up, knitting and eating breakfast then going for a run with the dog, coming home to continue knitting before I’ll go down to the public swimming pool for an afternoon swim, then back home and continue knitting until bedtime.

Talked to a friend yesterday, she is on her way to Perth. Unfortunately she got stuck in London and got delayed by two days. I felt so bad for her. What if…? No I don’t want to think “what if” thoughts. Everything is going to work out and my flights from Copenhagen airport to Brisbane is going to go smoothly and without a glitch.

I have not started packing yet, maybe because when I do this will become real. I’ve started dreaming about the trip and the stay in Brisbane. Sometimes the dream is scary, like being stuck at the airport. Sometimes it’s exciting and funny, like the dream I had this night about seeing a kangaroo.

Here in Sweden it’s 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) of snow and -20 celsius (-4 farenheit). It’s cold but to at least mentally prepare for Australia I have a downloaded a new application on my laptop that tells the weather anywhere in the world. So no matter the cold in sweden, my computer shows 27 celsius (81 farenheit) and mostly sunshine.

After writting this I feel ready to start packing. Yes I will do it at ones. I wonder where all my shoes are…?

Take care everybody and to students in Brisbane: I’ll see you all soon.




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