In Townsville

I arrived in Melbourne for about 17 days ago. I stayed with my aunt for a few days and just get to know the new country that I’m staying in for about 6 months. My first experience of Melbourne was the heat. The sun was shining and it was a clear blue sky.  For a person like me who left Malmoe which is so grey and cold, it was such a great feeling to see sun. I stayed for about seven days in Melbourne and arrived in Townsville on the 25th of January. As I was waiting for a Taxi at the airport I realized that al the things my aunt was saying about Townsville was true; the heat, humidity and rain where there all at the same time.  When I arrived to the motel I talked to the manager and asked her about snakes.  She told me that it was a few days ago that they saw a snake next to my window, but relax she says, they are more scared of you then you are of them. But the thought of knowing that I just arrived to one of the must dangerous place in the world, where everything (almost everything) is dangerous caused me to have the lights on all night.  I have even developed a new routine before I go to bed and before I put my feet on the floor in the morning, I have to look under the bed, in the wardrobe and in my shoes.

In addition to the dangerous animals and the fear of snakes, I love Townsville. The river running right through the town and the beautiful beaches and the green hills is just beautiful. People are so nice and so kind that in the first few days I was suspicious. When you walk in the street people will say, “Hi, how are you doing” almost every time I stop and say “thank you I’m fine, how are you?”, but before I even have time to finish the sentence, the person is already gone. The first few days I thought, why do they ask about how I’m doing if they do not even stop for the answer? But now I’m beginning to understand that it’s just a way of saying hi.

Three days later I found a room to rent. The guy who I rent the room from has also lent his bike to me so I have cycled around. I also got a tour from my roommate and his friends around the city. We walked up Castle Hill and I have also had the opportunity to see the city from Mount Stuart. I’ve also experience the nightlife in Townsville and got the chance to meet new people.
I’m getting used to the heat, the rain and the humidity and even the air conditioning. I am grateful for my shirts that I packed before I left when I heard from the students here that the classrooms are very cold. I cannot wait, however, to meet other international students and regular students as well.  Orientation week is starting February 10th so I’m really looking forward to it.

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  1. flavio says:


    so you are the international student in Townsville ! I will arrive at the end of this week ! may I contact you ? for some information and other thngs ? I’m from Rome, Italy ! Cheers,

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