It is a first time for everything

I have never written a blog before. I have never travelled this far away from home before. I have never been without me cat and my dog for so long before. And I have never been so excited to do leave as I am now! I want o be in Brisbane now today.

I’m not going to write alot today I just wanted to test this “blogging thing” for the first time.

I will write soon again. Next time I promise to tell  more about me and about how this experience has been so far.

Take care



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4 Responses to It is a first time for everything

  1. Anna Singhateh says:

    Hi Cecilia,

    Wow, that was quick! I’m glad to see that you are so excited to get started with everything and I’m sure you have the time of your life in front of you. Hopefully you can connect with the students from Poland, The Netherlands and Italy who are also going to Griffith, here on the blog!
    Really looking forward to follwing your experiences on the blog! 🙂


    • Cecilia Hjortstam says:

      Thank you Anna. I haven’t stopped thinking about this trip. I believe my family will feel that the best thing about me leaving is that they wont have to hear me talk about it all the time. 🙂
      I will keep an eye out for other students going to Griffith on this blog. It will be good meeting them as they are going through the same experience as I am.

      Take care

  2. Ainslie Mulholland says:

    Hi Cecillia,

    I am returning back to Brisbane on the 17th of February and I am at Griffith University. I can not wait to meet you and I hope you enjoy Griffith and Brisbane.


    • Cecilia Hjortstam says:

      Hi Ainslie

      Thank you! It will be really nice meeting you. I’m looking forward to this experience.
      Take care.

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