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Bits and Pieces

Room 4308 , Zoom in This time my “fertile” mind hasn’t been capable of organizing a long , well thought entry due to alleged technical hitches in the undersigned’s cerebrum frontal lobe .                       Brain crisis team report reads : ‘No … Continue reading

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An update from Adelaide

And so, the time has come, for me to finally let you know what has happened in my life since I last wrote about not rambling on about my boyfriend and my packing problems. I apologize for the wait, but … Continue reading

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My first two aussie weeks have been awesome! Both the campus and the college are very nice! I have never lived in college before, so it’s a completely new experience. In the first week there was the “orientation for international students”, … Continue reading

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The Invisible Dolphins

19 February , International Student Trip , Port Adelaide . Goal : see the Bottlenose dolphins , the most “urbanized” dolphins in the world .             Against their natural maritime calling they swim in the near-town , murky , fresh waters … Continue reading

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Living on Flinders campus has, I’ve discovered, some advantages and some disadvantages. Advantage: a lot of nice people. Disadvantage: a lot of nice people can have a close look at your underwear when it’s hanging on the community clothes line. … Continue reading

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So I have been here in Australia for 5 days but it feels like a month. There is alot of things going on, on campus, togheter with the other exchange students and with us, the border crossing students. So far … Continue reading

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I’m going to miss this!

The first week of 5-months study has started and I’m glad for that. The courses I am reading have been very rewarding, but however, I have already read two of them so I’m hoping that I can enroll to other ones. The one I like most so far is Culture, Knowledge and Environment, I strongly recommend other … Continue reading

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Terra Australis Incognita

So here I am in this ancient land. After what I’ve been through, it seems to be a miracle. Missed flight because of the lack of a student visa, in spite of applying for it many weeks earlier. Information that … Continue reading

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SJP, screaming children and Dubai the divine

After a terribly tiresome journey I finally found a moment to sit down and write a blog. My jetlag is going away, which allows me to dive into the new environment. But first thing’s first, let’s start with my flight … Continue reading

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It’s half past eleven in Poland right now. I’m sitting in front of the computer, next to a chair my cat is dowsing peacefully with her head down. In few minutes she will decide to rest on the floor and … Continue reading

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