how time flies when you’re having fun!

I woke up this morning and it really hit me how quickly one semester can pass! I feel like I really must make the most of these last few weeks, which unfortunately fall on the exam study period 🙂

I had an amazing time in Krakow over christmas and NYE spending it with friends from around Europe. It was a little sad spending a second consecutive christmas away from my family, but having a group of students to share the spirit was wonderful. Krakow really seemed to come alive over this holiday period with beautiful Christmas markets in the town square, serving hot wine and local food, as well as many souvenirs and local made produce. New years was also amazing, with a huge fireworks display and it was great to be with my Aussie companions from the Border Crossings program on the night. I was told that due to financial concerns the polish government cut back NYE spending this year, but i didnt seem to notice a lack of festivity and charm! it was also the first time I openly saw people drinking in the streets, which is a big no-no in Krakow, due to the cheap and readily available spirits.

student life is continuing along nicely, with most classes wrapping up for the exam period. I have really enjoyed the content of my subjects this semester, and will miss the history content when i return to legal studies in Adelaide. I feel as if I have learnt a great deal from the Professors at Jagiellonian, many of whom were personally around when Poland broke free from communism and began to prosper as an independent nation.

It has finally began snowing here too! I was really looking forward to a cold and white xmas but sadly it has been a relatively warm december in Krakow, and thus this past weekend it was great to see some substantial snowfall. I am going skiing in Slovakia after exams, so the more snow the better. It is amazing how much some snow can turn a group of adults into little kids with a snowball fight. I hope theres more to come (but not too much that I cant fly home :))

I am still doing research for my internship, which is really open and gives me alot of flexibility in my hours. I am working with Ainslie to create a culture and history/fun things to do and see page to connect with the Erasmus Students page in facebook. It had been great meeting and sharing opinions and ideas with the Erasmus student team here in Krakow, the girls work super hard to keep the students busy, and I am happy to be working with them!

now I must begin to study for another test, Its really a great university and yet the downfall of the schedule is that after xmas, everyone has to study at the same time alot of students are leaving, thus its hard to say goodbye to some new and close friends.

will post again soon and photos to come

Adam 🙂

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