The End is Nigh

I have been absolutely horrendous at keeping this blog updated – don’t threat though (for those who remembered my existence) I have a gaggle of posts to transfer over from my personal blog.

I keep on thinking about the entire process of exchange and really, looking back on it, how simple it was. I think at the time my thoughts were very different haha, but it’s funny how reflection changes things. It’s amazing how modern technology makes stuff so easy. Simply consider the passport and the wealth of technology which is attached to it. Us Aussies can simply ‘tap’ our way back into the country – like we were using a public transport card or something. Even airlines can use our passports to immediately identify us and locate our tickets. Which has been great for check-ins and stuff.

Nonetheless, this whole experience is coming to a close alarmingly fast. Being able to watch the leaves fall from trees, braving bike rides through wind and rain, as well admiring the few speckles of snow which (i hope!) we’ve all seen on our travels has been amazing! Again, for us all I guess, this has been a dream come true.

I feel my stomach twist when I think about leaving. Utrecht has been the most relaxing place of my life. The ringing of bike bells, the green countryside and the simplicity of Dutch life will soon be replaced by traffic jams, buildings and the rush of the start of a university year. I wish I could bottle a bit of Utrecht. Maybe it’s going to become my happy place? I don’t know, but I’ll miss it so much – in addition to all the wonderful people I’ve met here. To think of the Netherlands will always be to think of them.

Yet in the sadness of leaving begins another chapter of all our lives. Call me crazy, but my ability to master the bicycle has finally given me the courage to *attempt* to learn how to drive. If any horrors result from this New Year’s resolution, I am blaming Holland. I also feel this overwhelming energy and excitement for the year to come. I’m rested and ready for whatever the future brings.

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits, and once more i apologise for my less-than-prompt postings 🙂

Happy New Year!


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