Long time no see!

Today I am leaving Italy (again).

You may ask why somebody would want to do a thing like that. Which is a good point, this place is amazing… But I could not be more excited for this trip.

I am off to Switzerland to see a friend!

I met this particular friend mid-way through year 11. We were best friends for the next year. Going shopping together, hanging out on the weekends, watching movies. We did so much together.

Then she went back to Switzerland. Now, that must have been in 2008 some time. And I have not seen her since.

Although I have been in Europe for 3 months already, with university, trips with new friends to new places, weekends away to see concerts, and flights from Rome to Switzerland being so expensive, it has taken me this long to make plans. How slack of me!

As it is, I only got home from Amsterdam Monday afternoon. I have spent approximately 50 hours in the city and now I am going away again.

As of 1 hour ago, I had checked-in online but not packed a thing, and nothing I wanted to take was dry.

So after frantically packing and coming to the conclusion that I am going to freeze for the next 5 day due to a lack of available layers… I know have 30 minutes to tidy up before I run out the door.

Nothing I wanted to take is dry still. Possibly the most annoying thing in the world. But that is fine.

In just 5.5 hours I will be with my amazing friend for the first time in over 3 years!

Life is good. Bring on Switzerland!



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