Exams and Relaxing with the Family

Ok, sorry that this blog entry is a bit late because I have been pretty busy with exams. I know, I know I have only been here two and a half months and I already have done my first set of exams. That’s because at Utrecht University they split their semester into two blocks so you take two courses at once instead of four at once. So I had my first exam last Friday and it really was a gorgeous sunny day and the sun combined with the beautiful autumn leaves really made it hard for me to be unhappy about having an exam! I don’t like to speak before I get my results back but I am pretty sure that exam went well.


On Friday night most of us were in need for a study break so my housemates and I all cooked and ate a big dinner. We all sat out on the balcony and listened to old music I thought it was very amusing that an Australian, a Chilean, 2 Spanish and a Chinese person all knew Johnny Cash) , ate Belgian chocolate and popcorn then we all started singing and because it was old music and there were three girls and three boys we all danced properly with each other. Marik can play guitar and Sunny can sing so the two of them performed a song (Sunny singing in Chinese and Marik playing the guitar). As the night progressed we got into 80s and 90s music and danced a little less properly. All in all it was a relaxing fun night. One of the best nights we have had here and we didn’t even need to leave the house!


On Sunday Dale and I had a study session for our law exam on the Monday. It was nice to hang out with another Australian for a while even if we were studying we managed to make far too many immature jokes about seminal cases and penal sanctions!


The law exam on Monday went pretty well but like I said I don’t want to be too confident! I need to mention that the Dutch exams were a lot more relaxed than Australian exams. There was a notable absence of epic speeches at the beginning of the exams about turning your phone off or spiels about academic integrity. I think it may have something to do with dishonesty being frowned upon heavily in Dutch culture and because of that it is implied that all students will maintain integrity in their exams.

Cheers for reading guys!

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